The Witkoff Group is a fully integrated real estate investment firm that owns a diverse portfolio of real estate in select U. S. markets. The company specializes in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties in key central business district locations as well as assets with strong repositioning potential in newly emerging markets. These strategies have guided the company's acquisition and management activities.

   The Witkoff Group's growing portfolio includes office and industrial properties, residential buildings, and various land and hotel development interests. The firm oversees every facet of ownership and controls all aspects of its operations, including property management, leasing, construction, maintenance and cleaning.

   This "Hands-on" approach reflects the core business philosophy of the company: Keep ahead of the market, move swiftly, acquire wisely and apply targeted management to maximize the asset.

   As a real estate attorney in the early 1980's representing some of New York's prominent real estate families, I was able to learn first hand the degree of innovation, flexibility and teamwork that is required to create a truly great company for the long term. These are the lessons that our management team continues to apply every day to the business of maximizing the value of our assets. We have been fortunate to have taken an innovative, some would say "contrarian", approach to real estate and seen value where others have perceived insurmountable obstacles. This ability to trust creative thinking backed by strong research and experience has served us well. We continue to believe that if you work hard to stay a step ahead of the market, educated risks become tomorrow's opprortunities. To that end, we will continue to apply our investment capital and our thinking outside of traditional models. In recent years, The Wikoff Group has grown dramatically. We work hard to retain our entrepreneurial ability to move quickly as we identify opportunities, while we develop our infrastructure to serve the needs of our portfolio. In today's market, if you can't act decisively, the opportunity is lost. We are committed to keeping that flexibility a part of our organizational profile. More than ever, the experience and communication of our team is essential to our success. These team members are not only the people within our internal organization. They are our investment partners, the brokerage community, our service providers and the vast numbers of tenants with whom we do business. They have proven to be invaluable relationships to me and to The Witkoff Group. These alliances and the teamwork within our company will continue to be the benchmark of our success as we move forward.

Steven C. Witkoff

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

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